Pānui to owners of Maranuku B

(Māori freehold land)
(Also known as Te Karoro B – Glenomaru Blk IV Pt Sec’s 47 & 49)

We refer to the previous pānui in the March and May 2016 editions of Te Pānui Rūnaka. We advise that the application is being made to the Māori Land Court to confirm the variations Rona Williamson is seeking to her occupation order over part of Maranuku B. The first variation is an increase in size from 1200m2 to 8000m2. The proposed increase in size means the occupation order will include the current site and extend down towards the coast including the area below the roadway into Maranuku B. Secondly, Mrs Williamson is seeking an order that the occupation order can be transferred to a Whānau Trust and will last for the lifetime of the Whānau Trust. Prior to the April meeting, three objections had been received. All those present at the April meeting supported the variations that Mrs Williamson is seeking. Following the meeting, one further objection was received. [Read more…]