If we

If we speak words of racism
Then what do we teach
When our young learn
To copy and imitate our speech

If we hide what’s unlovable
How can we face
What’s been hidden
When it’s brought into our space

If we spin on the spokes of judgement
Unable to detach
How will we know
On the inside what is a match

If we wear a mask of illusion
Then we aren’t really free
Covering our faults and flaws
Hoping no one can see

If we have painted on ears
And wish not to hear
And refuse to listen
Then how will we care

If we swim in the waters of stagnation
No movement or growth
How will we balance
If we don’t look at both

If we hear the unheard
And see the unseen
And feel the unfelt
We can touch in between

If we opened up
If we learn to extend
Then we wouldn’t have
To learn to pretend.