If we

If we speak words of racism
Then what do we teach
When our young learn
To copy and imitate our speech

If we hide what’s unlovable
How can we face
What’s been hidden
When it’s brought into our space [Read more…]

Who sees the beautiful moments
Deep within their treasure chest
The only feeling felt is love
Consider yourself very blessed
Wonderful to think we’d never grow old
Or never have to turn a page
And we could stay young forever
And not reach a ripe old age
Some don’t even get this chance
Taken on any given day [Read more…]

The sun and moon they made a pact
To stay out of each other’s way
If their paths happen to collide
They’d call it an ecliptic day [Read more…]

Things don’t change in the dark only our mind
It can play tricks on us believing we are blind
We can all stumble, trip and even fall
Bang into obstacles hitting our head on a wall
Dazed and stunned or maybe a bit bruised
It can take some time to get unconfused
If an obstacle becomes our greatest pain
We can say nothing or quickly complain
To try and wake from and out of a dream [Read more…]

Mother Earth awaits their arrival
She cradles the beaten and bruised
These tragedies stab at her heart
She’s the Queen of being abused
A cold home for the neglected
Of broken and fragile bones
It’s where the field of flowers
Come to paint the tombstones
A life cut short a life no more
Silencing their existence
No more tears to be shed
Cries of pain fade in the distance
To fail in the duty of care
No price to pay for protection
Your tears don’t get to fall
How hard is love and affection
To battle against the weak of age
A mask of hatred flies off in rage
To know and not raising an alarm
This also inflicts a cycle of harm
When a child feels scared or afraid
Is it not our job to come to their aid
To help, nurture and reassure
To make them feel loved and secure
One single word says it all
One single word describes
How our young are characterised
Nā Lesel Flutey

We seem to live in a time
Where hidden agenda’s hide a crime
New laws sprout an invisible rein
And leadership is deemed insane
Where systems fail those in need
Promises made are not guaranteed
Until exposed, corruption is bold
With secret plans that go untold
Nations riot and march to express [Read more…]

Nobody’s got time for this

The pains of frustration
Deep within the nation
We can’t easily dismiss
Cos we ain’t got time for this

We cling and we clutch
To hold onto so much
Till materialistically full
We tug and we pull [Read more…]

All I need do is put it out there

Can’t help where my hearts at, got to follow this through
I’ve asked the universe to see what they can do
I wish I knew for certain and I wish I knew a date
For certain things to align I guess I have to wait
I know the why, but the how I have no clue
Would be nice to think my call, was pushed to the front of the queue
Only when this manifests will this for me be real
My intentions are totally pure they know how I feel
Be careful what you ask for, I didn’t even think
Isn’t it different when it comes from the heart link
If in my wildest dreams this happened rather swift
Must be for my highest good to give my soul a lift
What stopping me now, there are a few things
I’m asking the universe to help pull a few strings
Forever grateful.
Nā Lesel Flutey.

Blowing in the breeze – Lesel Flutey

As the wind was gently blowing
The mysteries from the start
And whispering in the breeze
Was the love from the heart

Our ancestors knew the love of labour
Protecting our shores and lands
They did not falter or waver
Or complain about calloused hands [Read more…]


And if across our waters the winds of harmony spread
And the sea of consciousness opened and there was no more bloodshed
And the breath of the earth gently blew a cure
And the most majestic places thrived to mature
And settled over the shore was the mist of gifted peace
And the flames of her heart forced the wars to cease [Read more…]