There has been some jolly good weather lately, but oh the night-time winds sure can blow. The wind is scary, but it all ends up good.

My sympathies go to all who have lost loved ones – keep your chins up and smile – I know the feeling.

Now, down to business, what business? No, I’m not going to moan about dishes – that’s a thing of the past. But look, our rōpū from our marae Women’s Welfare League went up to Whangarei for our national conference. The rōpū included our Joan, Clare and others, so let’s hope they had a jolly good time. Also, on the same plane was my moko Kara and her partner. They were going to Whangarei for a birthday party – it’s a long way from home just to get drunk.

Also, I hear along the grapevine Ngawini and her moko and moko-moko arrived back home again, hi Ngā.

It’s been busy at the marae and there have been hui, hui, hui. But it is very good, keeps the oldies going and there’s always plenty of wonderful kai.

Now, let’s get to some other news. Who else can I talk about? Yes – Rex Anglem – he has got pansies growing around the marae and they are lovely. Also, Craig Gallagher – he’s been doing some mahi around the motu. They are such busy little people. Then there’s Denise, she wants to talk but I say, “I’ve got things to do, have you got anything to do?” Even that Koral – I haven’t got an idle moment (says me), it is all in fun.

I think the missing dishes have gone for good. Never mind, we will buy some more. It’s nearly Christmas time so load up your pockets for the children’s toys.

Jasmine, John and Tiaki have cooked us a really good roast meal. We had Tania Hodge and her group in at the marae. Tomorrow we have another group in and the three queens will cater for them. By the time all of the hui have passed, I’ll be all hui-out.

On 25 October, my moko presented me with another moko-moko. So now Michelle has four moko, all boys, but Daniel-James (Tutu) is getting married soon so I hope we may get a little girl but he told me he will have a family when he is a millionaire, so that will be never.

Now to the All Blacks – what do you all think about our Joe Moody playing for the All Blacks? As you know he is the son of Mary Jane and Tony Moody. In other words he is Noeline and Tasman Pitama’s moko and of course one of the Tuahiwi boys. We have also got another All Black from Tuahiwi School – Andrew Mehrtens. I’m not bragging, but isn’t that lovely? Go the All Blacks.

I’ve had my say now so I’m out in the rain going home to do my scratchies. Until next time everyone…and by next time I mean that I will be writing about the All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup again. So till then, luv you all.