We held an excellent Hāhi Wānanga at Tuahiwi Marae on 9-11 December.

Āpōtoro Takiwā Kereama Pene came from Tāmaki Makaurau to teach us about Tahu Pōtiki Wiremu Rātana and the Māramatanga. Āpōtoro Rehita Daniel Nehemia along with Te Whaea o te Katoa Reo members came as did the Heketari and Reo members from Rātana Pā. [Read more…]

I was fortunate to be nominated to attend this leadership programme, I guess someone sees something in me that I haven’t seen perhaps. I will participate in three wānaka that will be held in different locations around Te Waipounamu. Our first wānaka was held at Tuahiwi Marae while Christchurch was being ravished with fire. Initially we were unclear this hui would go ahead as Tuahiwi had put the tono out and was to be a safe place for any refugees evacuated from their homes. On the day the hui was to start, we received a text saying that fortunately no more evacuations had happened and we were to meet at Tuahiwi. [Read more…]

Well hi everyone. It’s that very cold time of the year coming up but never mind, put some extra clothes on or stay home by the fire. Look who’s talking, I’m never home — that’s enough about me.

Condolences to all who have lost loved ones lately.

As usual the marae has been very busy. Our daughter/sister Ngawini arrived home from Australia last week which was very good. On the Saturday we played cards. Ngawini, me, Tuk and Joan and what a night that was. ‘Enough said.’

Hi to Mereana, glad you are home from hospital and doing okay. Happy Birthday to Michelle for 5 June. Must be getting old now. Catching up to me — who said that.

All is well at the marae. Lawns are getting mowed as is the cemetery. Our Koral has been off work sick and hope all is well. We really miss you luv. It’s not the same not hearing those twinkle-toe steps walking around.

At present we are having our footpaths fixed where they were cracked. Also opposite the cemetery. Johno always wanted footpaths right through Tuahiwi ‘might get them yet bro’ — we hope.

If I have forgotten anything I’ll let you know later, must do my scratchies now and away for my beauty sleep.

So till next time,
Luv you all.

Ngā mihi ki a koutou,

Bob Cox hereby calls a meeting under the Māori Reservations Regulations to replace past Trustees of Section 205 Kaiapoi Native Reserve 873 (Rakiwakaputa) Cemetery Reserve.

Trustees to be replaced; in succession order are:

1st Trustees (all deceased)

  • Hone Paratene
  • Wi Nahira
  • Aperahama Te Aika
  • Pohipi Te Aorahui
  • Hohepa Huria
  • Natanahira Waruwarutu

2nd Trustees (all deceased)

  • Puneke Huria
  • Wiremu Rehu
  • Kereopa Harawira
  • Wiremu Momo
  • Hamuera Rupene
  • Pita Hohapata

Venue: Tuahiwi Marae
Date: Sunday, 3 July 2016
Time: 10.30am

Ngā mihi,
Bob Cox
Interim Trustee

Please see feedback given from Sharleen Morton who recently secured funding from the Ngāi Tahu Fund for a whānau reunion.

The Hamuera and Kauriki Reuben Reunion from 18-20 March at Tuahiwi Marae was a huge success. Around 100 whānau members attended – this exceeded our estimated number and we had whānau come from as far as Western Australia and Queensland plus others attended from all over New Zealand. Four of the remaining children of Hamuera and Kauriki attended the reunion and they met whānau they never knew existed. [Read more…]

Hi everyone. It’s me again with maybe a bit of gossy. We have had a wonderful month haven’t we? Sympathy to all those who have lost loved ones. We had a birthday evening for one of our young-oldies. I won’t tell you how old she is but she was born in Tuahiwi. Well, what a party and what a lovely weekend. One of her daughters made the flower arrangement and what a show – red and white roses with greenery. Also, girls, thank you very much for your lovely parcel your mother gave me. Luv ya. Oh and by the way, there was no booze but plenty of entertainment, plenty of food and plenty of whanaungatanga. Oh by the way, everybody knows that I’m deaf so I said to the family “would you put in to a ‘give a little,’ fund” – do you know what they said, “that’s for poor people.” Well no I haven’t won lotto, so I’m one of the poor people, cheeky brats. But never mind, we settled that argument. I hope you have all remembered Johnno’s unveiling on 23 April. Service at urupā and kai at marae, party at (let you know later).

Well enjoy the lovely hot weather we were having before we started to get the rain. Till next time, luv you all. Drive safely, walk slowly, don’t booze, leave it all for me.


11-13 November 2016
Friday 11 – Pōwhiri 3pm
Saturday 12 – Kaiapoi Pā visit and hāngī
Sunday 13 – Urupā visit and service 10am

Tent and caravan sites available on marae site.
Please contact Sharon Davey for any information on 03 327 4507. [Read more…]

On Sunday 8 November, Te Hāhi Rātana was celebrated at our marae at Tuahiwi with a study and learning wānanga.

Mōrehu selected items that went onto the whiteboard for questioning, discussion and debate such as the history of the eighth day of November in 1918, when the Anahera Pono came to Tahu Pōtiki Wiremu Rātana with messages from Ihoa and to test him, his wife, Urumanao (Te Whaea o te katoa) and his tamariki with many trials and tribulations. [Read more…]

Hello one and all. Nice to talk to you all again. We have been very lucky, but condolences to everyone who have lost loved ones. Also, let’s look on the bright side of things as we merge into Christmas and go shopping for our wonderful children.

Yes, the All Blacks game, wasn’t it thrilling? I’m sure you must be sick of hearing about the All Blacks, as we know that they are champions – so we’ll leave it at that. [Read more…]

There has been some jolly good weather lately, but oh the night-time winds sure can blow. The wind is scary, but it all ends up good.

My sympathies go to all who have lost loved ones – keep your chins up and smile – I know the feeling.

Now, down to business, what business? No, I’m not going to moan about dishes – that’s a thing of the past. But look, our rōpū from our marae Women’s Welfare League went up to Whangarei for our national conference. The rōpū included our Joan, Clare and others, so let’s hope they had a jolly good time. Also, on the same plane was my moko Kara and her partner. They were going to Whangarei for a birthday party – it’s a long way from home just to get drunk. [Read more…]

Hi all. Don’t remind me that I am late for last month’s pānui. Never mind, here it is – as my cousin Charlie would say, “I told you she’s losing the plot.”

Condolences to all who have lost loved ones – aroha mai.

On August 19, we celebrated my daughter Ngawini’s birthday. Whānau from Tuahiwi and Waiheke Island flew over without her even knowing. Did she get a surprise? She was in a flood of tears when her son David-Mark walked in, and later there was a real thunderstorm, as no had one told her about anyone arriving. Fancy her daughters not letting her know (naughty naughty). I reckon that was lovely and we all had a wonderful time. [Read more…]

The Hohepa Huria whānau will be holding a reunion at Tuahiwi Marae, Maahunui ll from Wednesday 11-13 November 2016.

For catering purposes, more information or to RSVP your attendance please contact Charlie Williams on 03 312 6538, by early February.

The whānau will also be holding a meeting on 31 October 2015 at 1pm at the marae – all are welcome to attend.

Hāhi Rātana wānanga

All are invited to attend our Hāhi Rātana wānanga that will be held on Sunday 8 November at Tuahiwi Marae. At 11am we will begin with whakamoemiti and this will be followed by a shared kai at 12am.

The wānanga will start at 1pm and the purpose of this hui will be to learn the history of the hāhi, to recruit āpōtoro akonga, āpōtoro wairua, āpōtoro rēhita, āpōtoro āwhina and kātipa, recruit band players and new choir members; and above all have fun. [Read more…]

All I need do is put it out there
Can’t help where my hearts at, got to follow this through
I’ve asked the universe to see what they can do
I wish I knew for certain and I wish I knew a date
For certain things to align I guess I have to wait
I know the why, but the how I have no clue
Would be nice to think my call, was pushed to the front of the queue
Only when this manifests will this for me be real
My intentions are totally pure they know how I feel
Be careful what you ask for, I didn’t even think
Isn’t it different when it comes from the heart link
If in my wildest dreams this happened rather swift
Must be for my highest good to give my soul a lift
What stopping me now, there are a few things
I’m asking the universe to help pull a few strings
Forever grateful.
Nā Lesel Flutey.

The Hohepa Huria whānau will be holding a reunion at Tuahiwi Marae on Friday, 4 June 2016-Sunday, 6 June.

For catering purposes, or for more information, all those who would like to attend should RSVP to Charlie Williams on 03 312 6538, by early February.

The whānau will also be holding a meeting on 12 July 2015 at 12pm at the marae – all are welcome to attend.

Notice is given to all rūnanga members that the Tuahiwi Marae trustees annual general meeting will be held on Sunday 21 December, Tuahiwi Marae at 10.30am.


  • Mihi/karakia
  • Minutes of previous annual general meeting
  • Report from the chairperson
  • Report from the treasurer
  • Confirmation of:

-Process for Solomon whānau representative (1)
-Ngāi Tūāhuriri Rūnanga executive representative (1)

  •  Election of Ngāi Tūāhuriri hapū representative (1)
  • Whakamutunga.

When: Saturday 6 September at 6.30pm.
Movie: Pā Boys with supper at 8pm and a screening of White Lies at 8.30pm.
Come along and bring the whānau.

We are looking to establish a weekly programme of activities at Tuahiwi Marae and a monthly outing for our kaumātua, along with a regular quiz or movie night for the whānau.

The activities we have lined up so far include computer training, tai chi, mirimiri, guest speakers, storytelling and shared lunch but we would like to hear from anyone who has an activity they would like included in the programme – anything that would make you want to come along. All ideas are welcome and will be considered. The purpose of this programme is to help us build a strong and vibrant marae community. It will sit alongside Healthy Day at the Pā and compliment the great work of Aroha and her team.

If you are interested and have ideas please contact Tania at the office on 313 5543. The weekly activities at the marae will begin on Monday 21 July 21, 9.30am – 1.30pm. We look forward to receiving your ideas.

The annual general meeting of Tuahiwi Marae trustees

To be held at 1pm on 9 November, 2013 at Tuahiwi Marae. All are welcome.

Karakia tīmatanga
Ngā mate

  • Apologies
  • Minutes of previous annual general meeting
  • Chair’s report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Appointment of auditor
  • Confirmation of Te Aika whānau rep
  • Confirmation of Ngāi Tūāhuriri executive rep
  • General business

Karakia whakamutunga.

Angelo Manttan, now fourteen, has been attending out-of-school tuition with Jarratt, Create and Educate in Gisborne since 2008 and his mother, Jenny says “ the out-of-school tuition has provided a meaningful learning experience which has complemented his school work.”

Angelo’s Ngāi Tahu whakapapa is through two of his great-grandparents, Whitiora Materau Crofts and George Reuben. “Angelo was fortunate enough to meet Whitiora before she passed, and this was a very memorable occasion for him,” says his mother. “Angelo stayed at Tuahiwi with her and her husband Allan Topia, and they both made him extremely welcome.”

Along with fishing, Angelo’s interests include rugby, surfing, snowboarding and motorcross. With his school results improving with the help of out-of-school tuition funding from Te Rūnanga, he’s looking at even bigger ‘catches’ in the future.

Angelo with a Kingfish he caught last summer on Tairawhiti Harbour.

Angelo with a Kingfish he caught last summer on Tairawhiti Harbour.