Blowing in the breeze – Lesel Flutey

As the wind was gently blowing
The mysteries from the start
And whispering in the breeze
Was the love from the heart

Our ancestors knew the love of labour
Protecting our shores and lands
They did not falter or waver
Or complain about calloused hands

Time was an internal clock
Seasons were never later
Guidance for all situations
And stars to navigate

They paid homage
To land, sea and air
Nothing was ever wasted
And always enough to share

They spread their wings
And soared in the skies
And as the sun did set
They knew the sun would rise.

Writings by Lesel Flutey

Through the cycles of time as it was in the beginning
The wheels of life keep on spinning
The universe delivered its own birth right
And out of the shadow emerged the cradle of life

As the vibration intensified and the veil was lifted
Nature kingdoms linked and the energy shifted
The wheel of evolution slowly it spun
The cycle of creation had just begun

All species were free and lived side by side
In their natural habitat, there was no need to hide
Balance and respect, the cosmos started to sing
The frequency of love was felt by everything

Even the guardians from the realm of In Between
Witnessed this grand display and remained unseen
No walls of separation equal was a force
So sad that mans path would take a different course

The cosmos will always sing but only a few will hear
If we all come together in love instead of in fear
But the wheels of life will forever turn
The cycles tell us we still have a lot to learn.