Rūnanga appointments

Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke, Rāpaki Rūnanga have appointed June Swindells as chairperson for the term of 13 May 2013 to September annual general meeting 2015. June spoke of growing up and living within the Rāpaki community for most of her life, and how she is committed to working on behalf of the hapū to bring about the best interests of the Rāpaki whānau at home and those living away.

The Appointments Committee interviewed and undertook a number of deliberation meetings before they made their decision to appoint Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu Representative Nuku Korako effective from 20 June 2013. Nuku Korako gave special thanks to his kaumātua support, Aunty Rima Subritzky and Uncle Dudley Couch; and he acknowledged Rāpaki and thanked Wally Stone for his work and commitment to his role as their Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu Representative; and his commitment to supporting and providing assistance to the Executive Rūnanga process.

It is with mixed emotions that Rāpaki thanks Elaine Dell and Herewini Banks for the 12 years of service and dedication they have given to their hapū. Many whānau will speak about them as “always willing to give and to go beyond the expectations of the hapū.” Nothing was too much for either of them. They never questioned, they just did it and they were always there at the Rāpaki events. The good news is that Elaine was ready to retire and both her and Ronald are entering a new stage in their lives, we wish them well.

Rāpaki welcomes Yvette Couch-Lewis back as office manager, to assist the general manager in implementing the hapū administration and communication strategy.

Marae development

On 5 May, the Rāpaki Reserve Trustees, Koruarua representatives, Pitama/Karatihi whānau and Briggs whānau met at Rāpaki to discuss the transfer of land between the parties to enable the continuation of the Marae Development Project, to construct the wharekai, administration and ablution block. This hui was an historic event and well received and supported by all parties.

Tā Mark Solomon’s celebration

Early Friday morning Catherine Stuart and Sue Tipene arrived in Rāpaki to collect the Rāpaki whānau, Mariana Phillips, Huia Guthery, Ata Laffey, Te Whe Phillips.June Swindells and Herewini Banks followed in their own cars and all headed north to Kaikōura to be part of the celebration of Tā Mark’s knighthood. They enjoyed the kaimoana, activities and were amazed at the number of people who came to share in the celebrations with the Ngāi Tahu whānui. A proud moment for all of Ngāi Tahu.

From left; Mariana Phillips, Tā Mark Solomon, Huia Guthrie and Sue Tipene.

From left; Mariana Phillips, Tā Mark Solomon, Huia Guthrie and Sue Tipene.

Rāpaki whānau home from France

Our Rāpaki whānau, Te Ahikāroa are home from France. They are catching up on sleep and yet they are still exhilarated after performing 16 times over a period of five days. The stories of the friendships they made will be lasting and there are plans to reunite in the future.
There was also a day of shopping in Paris and taking in all the city sights and in the countryside beyond. Hearing their amazement and wonder at the French culture, arts, the people and the manaakitanga given to them was just beautiful. They described it as “two cultures proud of who they are, wanting to share their art and manaakitanga.”

Back home many watched Facebook and felt proud because we knew they would be amazing and would uphold the mana of Rāpaki.

Employment opportunity

The Education kōmiti is looking for a person to provide services to Rāpaki and other Rākaihautū rūnaka as part of a new project being undertaken to:
Provide support to education kōmiti with school visits to marae
Provide support and education to schools in the takiwā for marae visits
Scope, consult and produce individual marae resource booklet
Expressions of interest are sought

Send in your CV before 15 July.
To obtain a description and scope of the position please contact Rāpaki office on 03 3289417 or
[email protected]