Rūnanga staff were treated to a trip on the Monarch for our end of year function.

We were captivated by the stunning views and spectacular wildlife, which included five different types of toroa (albatross), tītī, shags and seals. Included are some photos from the trip, captured by Natalie Karaitiana.

Shags sheltering.

Shags sheltering.

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Ngā mate

Our sympathies go to all whānau who have experienced the passing of a loved one over the Christmas/New Year season, including Beatrice McCormack. Betty’s whakapapa includes the Taituha/Karaitiana and Korako Karetai whānau of Ōtākou. She was the much-loved mother of Lass, Gerry and Mike, and Tāua to a number of mokopuna and had resided in Auckland for many years. [Read more…]

Albatross/Toroa 2013/14 season

Laying has finished with a total of 33 eggs laid, similar numbers to the previous season’s 37 eggs. This large species of albatross (northern royal) are biennial breeders, so generally the pairs nesting this season did not breed last year (and vice-versa).

By shining a torch through the egg (“candling”) we can determine fertility of the egg, and of the 32 eggs ‘candled’ so far, all are fertile (the last remaining egg isn’t old enough yet to see any embryonic development). We are hopeful of seeing a good number of fledglings depart the headland in September next year. [Read more…]