What He Toki course are you doing?
I am doing He Toki Stage 1 Carpentry at Ara.

What drew you to the He Toki programme?
I had studied construction at school and thought I wanted to go further with that, so I signed up.

What school did you go to?
I was at Papanui High School, I was one of the Deputy Head Students.

How did you find out about He Toki?
I was actually just looking around on the internet for apprenticeships and came across He Toki. I thought better get some skills first as it makes it a lot easier in the trades if you have a bit more experience.

Are you enjoying the programme?
Yeah it’s good, all the boys and ladies are good. Its full on but it gets easier and easier. I would say I am on the right path.

Are the tutors good?
Yeah it can be full on – they are firm but fair.

Would you recommend He Toki?
Yeah definitely it’s a good pathway for people to go on.

Tawera Warren.

Tawera Warren.

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