Ex-Aparima College student Taiharuru (Tai) Forrester has been pursuing his dream of becoming a singer/songwriter for a number of years. His dedication and hard work has paid off.

Tai recently won the Queenstown song-writing contest, Songstars. Guitarist, Tai, who has been steadily gaining a reputation in the local music scene, won the audience vote on all three nights of the contest.

Tai, 27, sang Guilty, which he says was inspired by a girl.
“I planned to go out with this girl. But when I did, it didn’t go as planned,” he says.

He received the prize of a trip to Auckland, to record with Kiwi music hotshot and former Split Enz band member, Mike Chunn.

Tai recently called into the school to say hello and graciously accepted a request to come down some time to speak to our current students about following their own dreams.

Tai is passionate about music and has been fortunate to make it his full-time career. [Read more…]