Who sees the beautiful moments
Deep within their treasure chest
The only feeling felt is love
Consider yourself very blessed
Wonderful to think we’d never grow old
Or never have to turn a page
And we could stay young forever
And not reach a ripe old age
Some don’t even get this chance
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As his bowline lays loose, we’re left here confused,
Wondering what went wrong, but we have to stay strong.
As the sea sees no wrong, he was at home – his home was the sea.
Eighty-two years and still had no fears
We’re left here holding back tears.
Three generations at sea when we heard the news – there are very few crews who can say
So as I tip my hat, I’m proud I can say that.
But two generations are left to ride
Every crest and see the tide ebb and flow,
So on every high tide I want you to know
You’re one of a kind, never far from my mind
I love you to bits, still recall our first trip
So as I come to grips, as your bow line lays loose
I love you bits
Stay safe on God’s ships.

Nā David Hawea Taiaroa (Grandson of Te Matenga “Marty” Taiaroa).