Oranga Pāmu has been undergoing some changes recently, with a restructure on the way, to make sure we are best serving the Te Whenua Hou community. Renata Hakiwai has stepped down as the Chair of Oranga Pāmu, to allow the community to take the lead in further growth. He will remain a mentor to the Interim Chair, Catherine Dawson, through the transition.

Oranga Pāmu was the initiative of Renata Hakiwai, who dedicated himself to engaging with the community of Te Whenua Hou and leading the committee as Chair, to establish its role in the community. Renata has been key to the success of Oranga Pāmu and has left it in a good position, as an integral part of the Te Whenua Hou community. Oranga Pāmu would like to thank Renata for the time, skill and effort he put into the community of Te Whenua Hou. [Read more…]

Whenua Hou recently hosted our first Whānau Hauora day. There are now around 130 people living in the Te Whenua Hou community and around a hundred of them took time out of their work day to attend the hauora event. Farming staff and Whenua Kura students were provided with a ‘health passport’ and encouraged to visit the different providers offering everything from free blood pressure and eye tests to advice on diabetes, money management, sexual health, cardio-respiratory health, tax refunds, immigration dental care, insurance, breast screening, rongoā Māori and more. [Read more…]