From Ranui

On News Year’s Day I flew out to Rarotoka Island for three days of whānau time with my two daughters Amanda and Tania and other family members.

What a wonderful time we had. Two of the old lighthouse keepers homes have been done up, and are very comfortable and warm with the addition of new wood burners. The isolation from the mainland reminded me of the Tītī Islands but with fewer trees. We went for walks around the tracks, and saw plenty of birdlife. Finding time to relax, after the Christmas and New Year’s rush, I read some books that were written by young girls who lived on the Island that told of their daily lives and routines. Lighthouse keepers were a hard breed, and life was sometimes very tough, but they really seemed to enjoy it, as did their families. I love the history. Thank you for the trip out there. Nā Ranui Bull. [Read more…]