We have had both a bad and good month, with our mate and then hui, but condolences to all, as the saying goes, cheer up, all will be ok.

Well, as for our ‘hui weeks,’ all is good. We have dear old June’s Birthday and my moko David-Mark, who travelled down from Huntly with his family. So it will be a good two days celebrating. The next day will be a sad one for a whānau who has lost a loved one.

As this is written, today is all celebration at 233 Tuahiwi Road. Tents are going up, cars in and out, children’s toys all getting put up. So busy, a lovely day will be had by all.

My moko and moko-moko (Metapere and Manaaki) have arrived from over the ditch (Australia) for her Papa’s birthday and of course for my cousin Toko’s birthday next week. Now that is going to be one lovely weekend, what do you think Cousin Charlie, but never mind, I’ll do all the drinking for you and I, with the help of Meri Crofts.

Well let’s be serious, Ngawini has been suffering with a sore back, which has stopped her tasting wine – that’s for me again. Rex has gone up the line to Glentunnel I think, for another moko birthday, so him and his whānau are also away.

What did you all think about the Te Matatini hui?
Some great performers, but oh! The poi is so awesome and the formations are so neat. Well I will give more next time, here’s a little poem from someone getting old, which I think is very true

How we get older like dilapidated cars
If my body were a car
I would be thinking of trading it in
I’ve got dents and scratches in my finish
My headlights are out of focus
And it’s hard to see things close up
My tractions not as good as it once was
And it takes hours to reach my maximum speed
But the worst of it is that almost
Every time I sneeze, cough or splutter
My radiator leaks or my exhaust backfires.
It’s so true isn’t it!
So lots of love to all, see you next time, K.K.K xxx.