Janse Ryan was born in Bluff in 1983 to Vicky Cross and Jimmy Ryan and moved to Christchurch with his mother and two siblings as a child.

At the age of 11, Janse showed his interest in the film industry and made handy-cam movies throughout his teenage years. He filmed friends and family whenever he had the chance and this led to him starting a film and TV course through his high school in 2001 where he learned the technical side of the industry, as well as gaining an insight into both editing and filming.

Janse graduated from Natcol Design Technology in 2010 and made the move to Auckland to pursue his film and TV career – doing extra work on Shortland Street and various other New Zealand productions. This opportunity gave Janse a totally different perspective of the industry. Previously he did not want to be front of the camera, however acting and extra work soon became something he grew to love and enjoy.

In 2013, after working on various productions and training as an assistant director and personal assistant, Janse noticed many people he worked with lacked both confidence and knowledge of the industry. After some serious thought and a push from his friend and mentor, Robyn Worthington, Janse decided to start his own talent agency and put all of his time and energy into working in the areas he enjoys the most – people and the film industry.

Three years later Ryan Talent is going strong and Janse has an amazing team of people working with him, doing what they love in a family way.

Janse Ryan, started his own talent agency, Ryan Talent.

Janse Ryan, started his own talent agency, Ryan Talent.