It’s that time again where we read about all the gossy and what not.

Condolences to whānau who have lost loved ones, we have had a very sad week here in Tuahiwi, but chin up, I know it’s very hard.

As you all know by now, we welcomed the Royal Dutch family, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to our Marae of Tuahiwi. Exciting? Yes!

Tuahiwi is still a very busy marae, still double dipping but not so bad as before. Marae is still looking beautiful as is, so are our staff and of course that includes me ok?! I forgot to tell you about the weather. Yes – it’s still very cold in the morning and by the time it gets hot, it’s time to go to bed.

One weekend the Wereta-Davis whānau had their whakapapa hui here at the marae. Oh what a day. I suppose you are all wondering why I was there, well we were all great-cobbers with the whānau and I catered for their mother and father’s tangi. A name came up in their kōrero, it was Harawira. I had a little say as my grandfather was Kereopa Harawira, but it is a common name as there are so many Harawira up North. Gosh, I might be related somewhere. How’s that Cousin Charlie?
The other night I had an earache, so I went home to suffer in peace on my own and lo-and-behold, all was good. A couple of days later I had a hot pack and rubbed it with Vicks vapor rub all day, so all is good.

Well let’s move onto something more interesting. Aunty June came down to my place the other day with a lovely fresh bunch of pūhā out of her garden, we had pork bones and pūhā (and the rest), it was awesome, nothing was wasted.

Hi cousin Toko and niece Mereana, love you all. Lots of aroha to all.

K.K.K. xxx