We will be carrying out extensive work to Hui te Rangiora church in order to preserve it for the long-term.

The work will include:

  • Roof bracing, straightening of exterior walls and tying together
  • Reinstating the bell tower to its original position on the roof (ensuring it is securely fixed on the roof bracing and structure to withstand heavy wind and weather)
  • Installation of a new roof and ceiling batts to that area
  • Borer treatment to inside including repairing the leak in the Vestry. (Pinex linings)
  • Install perspex over stained glass window
  • Create better solutions for water runoff
  • Repair/replace external cladding and window timbers where rotten and paint exterior
  • Install a 2nd entrance door (and widen existing internal door) to provide easy access for coffins
  • Upgrade the footpath to the original entrance and new entrance points.

The drawings are currently being worked on by the architect and we are looking at how we can detect unmarked graves close to the actual building. We are talking to potential funders, including the Otago Community Trust and Lotteries, and we hope to start the work in the New Year.

A new addition will be a wharepaku at the top of the carpark and we are currently looking at options for this. Any volunteers available to help with the renovations would be welcome. Please contact the rūnaka office on: (03) 465 7300 or [email protected]

Hui te Rangiora Church.

Hui te Rangiora Church.