Manawa Hou ki Puketeraki

Over the weekend of 4-7 October, Kāti Huirapa ki Puketeraki will host 25 Ngāi Tahu rangatahi aged 15-18 to explore their Ngāi Tahu identity and Ngāi Tahu takiwā. The four-day wānanga is designed by the hapū and delivered by a group of local tuākana.

Hui Rakatahi

Hui Rakatahi will be held from 4-6 November in conjunction with the Tame Parata scholarships. Rakatahi will have the opportunity to connect with their Puketeraki whakapapa, marae and whanaunga and to celebrate all of the amazing things our Puketeraki rakatahi are doing.

Kia Kūrapa Reo Wānaka

Keen to get started with te reo Māori? Or maybe brush up on the basics? Kia Kūrapa is a marae based, weekend long wānaka being held from 11-13 November. It is aimed at beginners and intermediate language learners.

First Aid Rakatahi Wānaka

Tūmai ora whānau services and Kāti Huirapa Rūnaka ki Puketeraki are working alongside St John to host a wānaka from 2-4 of December. This wānaka is an opportunity for both our rakatahi and St John rakatahi to better equip themselves in emergencies.
Contact the rūnaka office for all enquiries about any of these hui.

Hāngī revival

Our whānau have begun our monthly hāngī wānaka at Puketeraki marae. The purpose of this is to educate our rakatahi in the cultural process of cooking food in the ground. This is an opportunity for them to learn about a process that is key in preparing and cooking at the marae. Kai hāngī, kai ora, mauri ora.

Whakahaumanu Puketeraki Wānaka

Bad weather interrupted the planned wānaka at Murihiku in May. The four or five days of cold rain during May happened at the wrong time for us, forcing the call to be made to postpone the planned wānaka. There was no way even our most adventurous rōpū would have enjoyed exploring sandhills, scenic vantage points and exposed southern sites in those conditions. Recently we announced our October wānaka dates to ensure whānau could attend the Marine Protected Areas drop-in session being hosted at Puketeraki Marae on 30 October. This is the final chance to influence the MPA outcomes, a very important kaupapa for our area.

So this year, despite our best intentions of planning ahead and locking in dates, we haven’t been very successful in holding our wānaka. Luckily for us the whakapapa and history remains and the sites of significance are still there so we can pick up the wānaka series again in 2017. The tentative plan is for the Murihiku haereka to take place in late January 2017 before school starts back. We are trying to confirm the availability of key people but will let you know the dates as soon as possible. Nā, Suzanne Ellison, rūnaka manager.

Old school complex – renovations

We are doing major renovations to the exterior of the old school complex in Grimness St, Karitāne. Some of the weatherboards have finally given up the ghost and we are replacing some of the old windows. Then we’ll be looking at a re-paint in the not-too-distant future.

The old gets replaced with the new on the exterior of the old school complex. Thanks MD Builders.

The old gets replaced with the new on the exterior of the old school complex. Thanks MD Builders.