What He Toki course are you studying?
I am in the stage one carpentry course.

How is the study going?
So far it’s good. The tutors are great, my classmates are great and it’s like a family kind of thing.

Are you enjoying it?
Definitely, I was a bit shy at first though being the only female in the course. But it’s pretty good, the boys are awesome and the tutors are great.

What’s it like being a woman in the trades?

Pressure. It’s hard, it’s definitely hard being a women. You feel like you have to keep up. But it’s really good. I enjoy it.

Do you think there should be more women in trades?
Definitely, in building for sure. I reckon we need more women in the carpentry industry.

What drew you to the programme?
I basically just drove past one day and wanted to check it out. I was doing absolutely nothing before this so I thought I would give it a go.

Why did you choose carpentry?
I have always wanted to build so I thought I would give carpentry a go.

How did you find out about He Toki?
My little brother studied the programme so I thought I would also give it a go.

Would you recommend He Toki?
Definitely, we get offered a lot more opportunities than main stream courses and everyone involved is really awesome.

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Andrina Taukiri.

Andrina Taukiri.

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