Who sees the beautiful moments
Deep within their treasure chest
The only feeling felt is love
Consider yourself very blessed
Wonderful to think we’d never grow old
Or never have to turn a page
And we could stay young forever
And not reach a ripe old age
Some don’t even get this chance
Taken on any given day
Without a clue or warning
Don’t always get to have our say
We can have those triggering moments
Reflections of time gone past
Where life seems to stand still
We know it’s actually gone so fast
Trying to recapture a flashback
Emotions can be open or raw
Memories that are frozen in ice
To slowly let these thaw
If we live life to the fullest
Helping us to move ahead
Then we need not worry 
About the things we never said
Not all have beautiful recollections
Some can be painful and sore
To get to the bottom of these
Is to finally close the door
No we are not meant to stay young forever
We have to turn our own page
To know of loss and love
It’s part of reaching an old age.
Nā Lesel Flutey.