It’s time again for a bit more chat, but condolences to all who have lost their loved ones. Cheer up honeys, all will be okay again.

As usual, it’s still very busy at the marae and the weather has been so cold in the mornings, but stop moaning Patty, you are out in it at 6.30 in the morning.

We had the Ture Whenua Hui at the marae. What a lovely day that was. We had all the members of Parliament down and what a spread we had. You name it – we had it. Thanks to our kitchen workers, Lyndon, Michelle, Rex, Roger, Robert, Tina and others. Also thanks to Noel, Christine, Maru and all the other people who made it a wonderful day. Our other member from up north – she was so lovely, Nanaia Mahuta. She was just like one of us in the kitchen talking with workers. I even saw her doing the dishes, was so lovely.

I see on television that our Joe Moody is back on the field for the All Blacks after an injury (go the All Blacks). Our other Ngāi Tahu sporting success Dylan Kennett came home from the Rio Olympics with a medal. At present we are preparing a big hui in November to celebrate, will let you all know when I find the answer.

Yes, as I said before, we are very busy at the marae. As a matter of fact we are not double-dipping but triple-dipping, as the saying goes – three rōpū in a day. Bit much eh. But no, it’s no bother at all. Also, thanks whānau for putting in the write-up about our Olympic cyclist Dylan. Can’t think of anymore just now, so will get more news next time. Love you all. Cheers for now. K.K.K.