Hello again. Condolences to all who lost loved ones. How is everyone getting along with these cold days? Warm I hope. Our marae is a busy one and we’ve had hui here every day of the week… So lovely getting around with my trolley and of course our staff are lovely and cheeky too. Had a lovely day for my cousin Charlie but whānau have written a pānui about the day, you can read that here in this month’s pānui.

By the way, my niece Marriann is doing well, good on you niece. Also my other cousins — all but one who, when you want to see her, is flying somewhere up North or overseas. Good on you Aroha Hohipera, wish I could do it but the plane might drop down.

At the present we have taiaha boys here and what a lot of well-behaved boys they are. Of course with Riki as the master, who wouldn’t behave. Had some cold days lately, but who cares, just keep warm.

The taiaha boys have just gone to Linwood for the day, about four or five groups of six so I think I’ll toddle off home till later. Oh and Sunday is the first birthday of my moko, so Mama and Papa are having a get together in Oxford. Spending the weekend with my daughter and moko at 233 Tuahiwi Road before my other daughter Ngawini goes back to Australia. My other cousin Pauline has already left for Aussie for the warmer months. Happy holiday cuz.

Happiness kit
Eraser – so if you make a mistake, you can rub it out
Coin – so that you’ll never be broke
Marble – In case you lose yours
Piece of string – to tie things together when they fall apart
A heart – to show that love is all around.

So cheers for now, more next time, Luv you all.
K.K.K. xxx


I had a dream or so I thought
The earth had healed
Everything felt so real
The universe revealed
I saw the mountains reach the sky
The air was pure and clean
Rivers ran that once were dry
Everything lush and green
Flora and fauna left to strive
Wildlife wasn’t extinct
Wellbeing was the drive
And humans ran on instinct

The oceans had fish galore
Energy and water were free
Fresh produce at every door
And statues fell to the sea
Systems came down with a crash
And wars did not rage
Man had answers in a flash
They lived a ripe old age
Disease was of the past
Money didn’t exist
We knew the truth at last
And no more lies to twist

Compassion sprouted wings
Respect was rooted deep
We treated ourselves like kings
And healed in our sleep
I saw that man had laid to rest
The cycles of weary and tired
To find self to find his best
For our future to inspire.
I woke from this awesome scene
Wondered what I had been taught
Sadly I realised where I had been
It was just a dream or so I thought.
Nā Lesel Flutey.

Hohepa Huria reunion

The Hohepa Huria reunion will be held at Tuahiwi Marae 11-13 November 2016. A pōwhiri will be held on Friday 11 at 3pm. On the Saturday, whānau will visit Kaiapoi Pā and will have a hāngī and a visit to the urupā. A church service (10am) has been organised for the Sunday.

Tent and caravan sites will be available on marae site. There is also billeting available.
Please contact Sharon Davey for any information on 03 327 4507. Please indicate the number of attendees from your whānau, as we need to make arrangements for catering requirements.

Hohepa Huria reunion pre-registration form
Number of Adults: $50 per person
Number of Children: 14 and under free
Cheques payable to ‘Huria Reunion’

Please send registrations to:
S.Davey, 12 Bracebridge Street, Kaiapoi 7630 or
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Join us at ‘Huria Reunion 2016.’
Registration due before 31 August.