Well hi everyone. It’s that very cold time of the year coming up but never mind, put some extra clothes on or stay home by the fire. Look who’s talking, I’m never home — that’s enough about me.

Condolences to all who have lost loved ones lately.

As usual the marae has been very busy. Our daughter/sister Ngawini arrived home from Australia last week which was very good. On the Saturday we played cards. Ngawini, me, Tuk and Joan and what a night that was. ‘Enough said.’

Hi to Mereana, glad you are home from hospital and doing okay. Happy Birthday to Michelle for 5 June. Must be getting old now. Catching up to me — who said that.

All is well at the marae. Lawns are getting mowed as is the cemetery. Our Koral has been off work sick and hope all is well. We really miss you luv. It’s not the same not hearing those twinkle-toe steps walking around.

At present we are having our footpaths fixed where they were cracked. Also opposite the cemetery. Johno always wanted footpaths right through Tuahiwi ‘might get them yet bro’ — we hope.

If I have forgotten anything I’ll let you know later, must do my scratchies now and away for my beauty sleep.

So till next time,
Luv you all.