The sun and moon they made a pact
To stay out of each other’s way
If their paths happen to collide
They’d call it an ecliptic day

The stars knew full well
How moody the moon could be
They chose to shine at night
In the day opting for invisibility

The winds got wind of the agreement
But didn’t want to pick sides
They thought it best to stay neutral
To help ease the rising tides

The rain needed them both
Even if the sun did stop his flow
Mixing his children the mist with colour
He created a beautiful rainbow

The planets were able to separate
They had always huddled together
The sun and moon let them go
As they evened out the weather

The seasons thought this was great
They had always rolled into one
Four agreements and equal parts
Signed by the moon and the sun

The eagles soar, the skies the limit
And the wolf howls at the moon
Letting them know how grateful they are
To be balanced and more in tune

When the sun becomes too hot
Or the moon gets too cold
Coming together as one
Eliclipsing their love to unfold.

Nā Lesel Flutey.