In March this image was published on the back page of Te Pānui Rūnaka requesting that information or names be provided about its location and people in the photograph. We would like to thank and acknowledge Aroha Reriti-Crofts for her input and assistance in providing the following:

The woman on the outside of the window is Whawhe Barrett. Meretiana Kingi is the woman on the inside.

March 2016 back cover.

Image update

An update has been received from Elaine Dell with regards to the image we posted in December 2015. The picture was of Elaine’s parent’s wedding and Elaine has named the first gentleman standing on the left as George Manning Moke Couch.

We appreciate the continued feedback we receive from iwi members in response to our requests for names and information pertaining to photos we publish for Whakaahua Tīpuna Whānau.

December back cover.