Hi everyone. It’s me again with maybe a bit of gossy. We have had a wonderful month haven’t we? Sympathy to all those who have lost loved ones. We had a birthday evening for one of our young-oldies. I won’t tell you how old she is but she was born in Tuahiwi. Well, what a party and what a lovely weekend. One of her daughters made the flower arrangement and what a show – red and white roses with greenery. Also, girls, thank you very much for your lovely parcel your mother gave me. Luv ya. Oh and by the way, there was no booze but plenty of entertainment, plenty of food and plenty of whanaungatanga. Oh by the way, everybody knows that I’m deaf so I said to the family “would you put in to a ‘give a little,’ fund” – do you know what they said, “that’s for poor people.” Well no I haven’t won lotto, so I’m one of the poor people, cheeky brats. But never mind, we settled that argument. I hope you have all remembered Johnno’s unveiling on 23 April. Service at urupā and kai at marae, party at (let you know later).

Well enjoy the lovely hot weather we were having before we started to get the rain. Till next time, luv you all. Drive safely, walk slowly, don’t booze, leave it all for me.