Hi everyone,

Nice to see you all again on these very cold mornings. – But it could be worse though we will survive, we are tough.

Condolences to all who have lost loved ones, and lots of love to all who are sick.

Very busy, busy, at the marae. It’s all go and we haven’t stopped yet – isn’t that right cousin Tokomaru? My cousin was up the marae helping, which was very good. Haven’t got my hearing aid yet, I think I might have to approach Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu. What a laugh don’t go there. I’m sick of talking to me, you, and them – so I will give you a yarn to finish this off. It’s a very true yarn, see how it goes.

Oh, wait a minute – having a senior moment…forgot about our hui we have been having. On Friday we had a hui for 120 people then on Saturday was Johno’s unveiling and that was about 80 or 90 people. And of course on ANZAC Day there were about 100 again – may have been more.

I didn’t go up as I was resting from the two earlier days. I must be getting old. (Resting? never heard of it? – No I haven’t either.)

There’s magic in a tāua’s touch
And a shining sun in her smile
There’s love in everything she does
To make our lives worthwhile
We can find both hope and courage
Just by looking in her eyes
Her laughter is a source of joy
Her words are warm and wise
There is kindness and compassion
To be found in her embrace
And we see the light of heaven
Shining from a tāua’s face.

Cheers, more later for you all, till next time.