A huge mihi to Rosemarie and Mitai Simon for finally tying the knot on 26 March. Whānau were seated outside Tūhuru waiting for the bride to be walked in by her father (Alan Stuart Tainui aka Dogger). It was a very emotional day, tears seemed to flow at every word spoken and sung. It was a very heart felt day, even the late Aunt Rose (Hinemoana Rose Tainui) was present in photos on the bridesmaids’ flowers and was felt in spirit throughout the whole day.

After the humorous vows and the final kiss between the bride and groom, everyone made their way up to Seaview Hall for kai and a cuppa to celebrate Rosemarie and Mitai’s new beginning. As everyone sat down the microphone was passed around the tables for guests to speak. This added a lot of laughter with some of the speeches being so fresh and real, and some actually melting everybody’s hearts. The first dance of the night for the bride and groom was my favourite part and was absolutely beautiful, and to top it off, Uncle Dogger sang a song which set off the tears again. Such a beautiful celebration – we wish Rosemarie and Mitai all the best for the future.

Bride and groom with whānau.

Rosemarie and Mitai with whānau.

Rosemarie with her father walking up the aisle. In front are bridesmaids (Rosemarie and Mitai’s daughters) and ring bearer (son of bride and groom) and flower girl (Rosemarie and Mitai’s moko).

All the whānau gathered for the beautiful celebration.