Mother Earth awaits their arrival
She cradles the beaten and bruised
These tragedies stab at her heart
She’s the Queen of being abused
A cold home for the neglected
Of broken and fragile bones
It’s where the field of flowers
Come to paint the tombstones
A life cut short a life no more
Silencing their existence
No more tears to be shed
Cries of pain fade in the distance
To fail in the duty of care
No price to pay for protection
Your tears don’t get to fall
How hard is love and affection
To battle against the weak of age
A mask of hatred flies off in rage
To know and not raising an alarm
This also inflicts a cycle of harm
When a child feels scared or afraid
Is it not our job to come to their aid
To help, nurture and reassure
To make them feel loved and secure
One single word says it all
One single word describes
How our young are characterised
Nā Lesel Flutey