We seem to live in a time
Where hidden agenda’s hide a crime
New laws sprout an invisible rein
And leadership is deemed insane
Where systems fail those in need
Promises made are not guaranteed
Until exposed, corruption is bold
With secret plans that go untold
Nations riot and march to express
Too much domestic, civil and global unrest
With Martial law, terrorism to genocide
Media frenzies can sway to one side
Racism and separation an ignorant state
For Nationality, cultural and religious hate
To raise a false one and one that can change
None raised in surrender isn’t that strange
The global debt of paper, to fund or lend
Yet weapons of mass destruction, more to spend
With more reliance over the counter drugstore
Diseases and viruses seem to plague us more
The push of vaccines the doorway to approval
Our rights to our bodies slowly under removal
Freakish looking mutations, spiked and laced
From chemicals, poisons and toxic waste
Contamination, radiation and also pollution
Are we the cause or are we the solution
Fracking, bombing, blasting and drilling
Depleting resources the madness in killing
How safe is our info, technology to hack
The all seeing eye surveillance to track
Buried bunkers, labs and underground bases
Why the cover up with all these secret places
Protection is law, we the people come first
Doesn’t really look like it with the state of the Earth
If we experience and research what makes us unwell
Extend to the environment, you should be able to tell
If our senses pick up and we feel the effects
So must the marine life, the wildlife and all the insects
The elements with their wounds they have to endure
They are also trying to tell us that man has the cure
We are all in this together and we are all to blame
If we see what’s happening and hang our heads in shame
It’s not all doom and gloom, it doesn’t have to be
It’s about being the change and accept that we are free
Teaching generations that unity is not bowing in defeat
It’s about being Sovereign and standing on our own two feet.

Nā Lesel Flutey.