As his bowline lays loose, we’re left here confused,
Wondering what went wrong, but we have to stay strong.
As the sea sees no wrong, he was at home – his home was the sea.
Eighty-two years and still had no fears
We’re left here holding back tears.
Three generations at sea when we heard the news – there are very few crews who can say
So as I tip my hat, I’m proud I can say that.
But two generations are left to ride
Every crest and see the tide ebb and flow,
So on every high tide I want you to know
You’re one of a kind, never far from my mind
I love you to bits, still recall our first trip
So as I come to grips, as your bow line lays loose
I love you bits
Stay safe on God’s ships.

Nā David Hawea Taiaroa (Grandson of Te Matenga “Marty” Taiaroa).