Well, here we go again, with not so much gossip. Condolences to all those who lost loved ones, chin up and be happy. I have been approached by one of our whānau about someone shifting vases of flowers from their whānau graves to other graves. When the whānau did catch up with all the vases, they put them back where they belonged. But lo and behold, the following week they did another hīkoi back to the other graves – so please buy your own. It could be tamariki but I suspect not, as some of the flower bowls are very big.

Tuahiwi Marae has been a hive of activity. This last fortnight I have been there for eight days straight with Joan. It has been very good, very motivating – until you get home and the aches and pains start. But all is good the next day – I love it.

My two cousins, Tokomaru and Ila, are having a rest at some place but I will let Koral tell you about that. I’d love to go there but there is too much to do (lies, I am too nosey). I must thank Wendy and Barry Reuben for bringing down their lovely kai of pūhā, pork chops, kamokamo, potatoes, corn and tomatoes that I have put in the freezer.

What do you think about those earthquakes? My daughter Michelle came over to stay the night when the second one happened. I said it was okay, but two minutes later I was the first out the door in the car before they even came outside (fast eh).

I am away to Rangiora now – yes it is payday and I am off for a little tingle on you know what, so wish me luck (I need it). So till next time – see ya. (It’s all about me again). K.K.K

Tēnā koe K.K.K

This pānui is a personal acknowledgement to let you know that I love reading your Te Pānui Rūnaka stories every month. I look forward to reading your articles and finding out all the ‘goss’ on the everyday life at the pā. I’m impressed by your youth and that you are still an active writer – as well as what I read and see (when I am at the pā) a very hard worker – we could all learn a thing or two from you.

I have enjoyed your stories about your experiences on your trips away with other whānau members and think “man I wish she had a camera” so we can bring your stories to life through your eyes. I am also glad to hear that you are fed well throughout all these hui that you either attend or tautoko with. We also love all the support you give Rex and your cousin Charlie.
We also heard through the kūmara vine that you had a boyfriend come visit you recently, hope he picked you up off the floor when you slipped off your seat.

I also hope that you have had much luck when you have been away on your paydays having a wee tinkle.
P.S. We bring all our bowls back, maybe you are breaking them all Aunty Patty and that’s why they are missing. Love you K.K.K aka. Patty.
Ngā mihi