We’re delighted to advise that those whānau who were Whai Rawa members in 2015 will receive a distribution of $80* before the 31 March 2016, and if applicable, any matched savings and newborn distribution.* If your newborn pēpi was registered as a Whai Rawa member during 2015, and before their first birthday, this distribution will be paid at $100* – an even bigger incentive to join them up early.

*Te Rūnanga matched savings and distributions are available to all members under 65 years of age. They are subject to RSCT (Retirement Scheme Contribution Tax) deducted at members personal RSCT rate.

Canterbury and Otago University orientation week

The Whai Rawa team was part of the Canterbury and Otago University orientation weeks last month. It was an honour to meet so many of our members and encourage more whānau to join Whai Rawa.

We had the pleasure of meeting Whai Rawa member, Tawini White. Tawini is currently in her sixth year at Otago University. With an MA in Māori studies she is now doing her thesis on Reo ā-Iwi. Tawini has a clear vision for her future, so it’s no surprise that she has worked really hard during all her summer breaks and holidays so she could pay her university fees.

“My parents signed me up (to Whai Rawa) when I was young and always talked to me about saving. My Dad made us kids give him half our wages in High School to pay for our first year at University.” Tawini goes on to say, “It’s quite hard to own a house these days, so I found it reassuring that my Whai Rawa account was growing and would help me to own my first home one day.”

Tawini White, (right) Whai Rawa member.

Tawini White, (right) Whai Rawa member.

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