It’s good to see you all well. Hope you didn’t put on too much weight because I did with all the dinners, lunches and boozing – it was lovely.

Condolences to all those who have lost loved ones, chin up. I’m sure they want you to be happy. It’s now 2016, are you any richer? Hope you are because I’m not. What about you cousin Charles?

On Saturday 12 December, we had our Christmas lunch and around 80 people attended. On Friday our Tuahiwi Māori Women’s Welfare League had their dinner at the Kaiapoi Working Mens’ Club. What a meal it was – a three course meal and I never missed a beat. I bet my cousin Charlie is saying, “I bet she didn’t (you are right too).” I see on the booking sheet that it was also meant to be busy in January and February, but let’s get over Christmas first. So here’s to all of us tucking in.

Our girl Tui and whānau put on an afternoon for all our tamariki at the marae on Friday 15 December, it was a lovely. Rex, Roger and Johnny looked after the bbq, and I believe that Johnny ended up as Father Christmas too.

After five years, I am back in my house again, and I’m hoping we don’t have any more earthquakes. It is so lovely. It’s not finished yet but I am home. Just a few more things to do. My daughter Roberta may have been getting sick of me, but I don’t think so – that was just a thought. Although, the rest of the whānau were good and another excuse was that Roberta’s house was closer to the pokie machines.

The Manihera Whānau had the unveiling for Aunty Myra and ‘Tippy Lulu’ on 27 December. What a spread we had.

By the way cuzzies, I was under the weather on Christmas Day. I said I would if I went home and boy did I ever. I slipped off the chair onto the floor and on the floor I stayed.

Our office has opened and we are flat-out. The mower man is flat-out mowing lawns.

I’m looking forward to going up to the marae to tease the staff. That will be just ka pai. Especially twinkle toes – that’s my niece. She calls me Aunty Grump. Also Denise and Rex, they are all good to me.

It’s my birthday soon and Rik Tau said I have to make the 100 mark, so I hope he has locked the gate and thrown away the key.

I’d better stop and give someone else some writing space, I can go on for hours writing but I better do my scratchies and then I’m off to Southbrook Pub to play the pokies I hope. I will have to go around the whānau for a koha – funny aren’t you Patty.

Well here’s to everyone having a happy 2016. Be nice, be kind, see you all and I luv you all.