A rōpū of RTM’s (Resource Teachers of Māori, Te Waipounamu) visited Rekohu recently to awhi the teachers in the three schools on the island(s), arā, Te One School, Kaingaroa School and Pitt Island School.

My colleague Hera and I went to Rangiauria (Pitt Island.) We didn’t want to disrupt the schools programme for the whole day and suggested to the Pouako that a ‘look’ around the town would be great to look at things of interest.

Well, the ‘town’ is down the hill to the boat ramp where there were three fishing boats dragged up by the creek, the barge that delivers goods to the island, the wharf and the jail.

The jail – a building to enter and browse around – at the history possibly. Not even. The jail is a hole in the cliff. It’s not confirmed but the kōrero is that this is where one of the ‘prisoners’ was kept in the days of the peaceful pakanga.

On the way to the ‘jail’ we were taken by the many shapes and sizes of dried kelp. The children have art lessons using these constructing wheke (octopus) and many other creatures.

I was told there were lots of weka on Rangiauria. So I played my karanga weka – to call them out of hiding. I had no success but I did at least get a photo of them.

Finally, when planning a flight and visit to Rangiauria be sure to pack a small bag with a few essentials. With thick fog coming down onto the island we were weather bound by the end of the day and had to spend the night at the Lodge (in luxury mind you). Our pilot flew us back to Rekohu at 7am on the next morning. Nā Rangimaria Suddaby.

The wharf on Rangiauria. horizontal

The wharf on Rangiauria.