Last month this picture was published on the back page of Te Pānui Rūnaka requesting names or information be provided for the group whānau image.

This photo is part of the Trevor Howse Collection in the Ngāi Tahu Archives. We would like to thank and acknowledge Zita Matehe, Pauline Crofts, Ashley Warnes and Gertrude Mamae Warnes for providing information for this image.

One of our callers thought that possibly it was herself in the photo as well as her mother, Kaito Muri (seated), however she was not 100% sure.

Our other callers named the people as follows. From left to right, Gertrude Mamae Warnes (née Rickus), Wiremu Tuna Pohio Rickus (Jnr) seated on lap, Tini Kamatauranga (or Jean Ngamatauranga) Rickus (née Tau) seated, Pauline Wene Elizabeth McCloud (née Rickus). Standing at the back one caller thought it may be Wiremu Tuna Pohio Rickus (Snr). The other caller indicated the gentleman was a Reuben but was not sure of his first name. The young boy on the far right has not been identified. The location is Sydenham, Christchurch and the image was taken in 1938.

If you have any further information to share about this, or any of the Whakaahua Tipuna/Whānau images we have published, please do not hesitate to contact either Tania Nutira or Robyn Walsh, Ngāi Tahu Archives Unit on 0800 KAI TAHU (0800 524 8248). Kia ora.

The November back cover.

The November back cover.