Hokonui Rūnanga held our annual general meeting in October and the following appointments were made:

Kaiwhakahaere, Taare Bradshaw; vice chair, Terry Stott; secretary, Netta Mackintosh; treasurer, Terry Nicholas; executive members, Rewi Anglem, Marshall Hoffman, Rena Fowler, Robin Hellier, Alister McLennan, Linette Sinclair, John Rogerson, Grace Rogerson, Hinga Clarke, Rodney Ryan, Tui Bragg, Wendy Nicholas, Rosalie Foggo, Aaron Green, Maureen Wylie, Kimiora Moananui and Ian Rackley.

We would like to thank Rewi Anglem for his dedication to his role as kaiwhakahaere over the last 15 years. Rewi will still be an active and integral member of Hokonui Rūnanga and a portfolio holder. We would also like to congratulate Taare Bradshaw on his new role of kaiwhakahaere and Terry Stott as vice chair.