This scholarship covers tuition fees for up to three years of a student’s chosen programme of study at Otago Polytechnic. The purpose of the rūnaka scholarship is to encourage Kāi Tahu students to succeed in tertiary education by removing financial barriers to study. The scholarships also acknowledge the contribution students can make to their rūnaka and local community.

This scholarship is offered to one student from each of the four local rūnaka namely:

  1. Te Rūnaka o Moeraki [email protected]
  2. Kāti Huirapa Rūnaka ki Puketeraki [email protected]
  3. Te Rūnaka o Ōtākou [email protected]
  4. Hokonui Rūnaka [email protected]

Conditions of application

  • Candidates must be registered with the rūnaka – hapū registration beforehand
  • The rūnaka scholarship will cover the tuition fees for the candidates chosen programme of study
  • The scholarships do not accumulate from year to year. If the rūnaka do not select a student one year, the scholarship lapses for that year
  • Candidates need to attend at least one rūnaka hui if successful.

Otago Polytechnic

  • Candidates must meet the academic entry criteria for their chosen programme of study.
  • If places on a course or programme are limited, normal selection criteria will apply
  • This scholarship applies to domestic students only
  • In order to retain this scholarship successful applicants are required to pass their academic studies with a minimum of 50% in their first and subsequent years of study
  • The study must be continuous.

Process for application
Please send your completed application to the rūnaka that you affiliate to well before the closing date of Friday 18 March 2016.