Hello one and all. Nice to talk to you all again. We have been very lucky, but condolences to everyone who have lost loved ones. Also, let’s look on the bright side of things as we merge into Christmas and go shopping for our wonderful children.

Yes, the All Blacks game, wasn’t it thrilling? I’m sure you must be sick of hearing about the All Blacks, as we know that they are champions – so we’ll leave it at that.

On Sunday 18 November, we had a Hāhi Rātana hui, whakamoemiti then lunch, followed by a hui meeting and dinner.

Everyone was asked to bring a boil-up for dinner. Wow, the pots that arrived, what a feast! We had pork bones, mutton birds, salt cuttings, all kinds of meats, cabbage, pūhā, watercress, vegies, and there were lots left over, so Kimmy plated kai for everyone to take home.

Aroha Hohipera Reriti-Crofts will give you all the gossip on that hui. It was so wonderful – it was all about the Hāhi Rātana. There were things that I didn’t know, but Aroha and the Āpotoro explained everything.

Of course, if you go to church you will learn eh? I would always forget there was church (liar).

Well people we have got some more glassware, so keep your hands off. What I mean is use them, just don’t take them ok?

Our gardens are looking good, so is our urupā, but the graves themselves want cleaning (I should talk). Never mind boys, I’ll be cleaning you before Christmas.
Also, I think those who have the rusty railing need a shine up too. No, I’m not growling, I’m only moaning.

We are still busy at the marae, plenty to do, plenty of hui, meetings and stuff to repair.

On 14 November, ‘Snappy Sam’ celebrated his birthday – 70 years young, ‘Sam Hoeta’. What a wonderful day, we talked, ate, drank, sang, laughed. Meeting all his wonderful sisters from up north and nieces and of course our wonderful Tuki and her daughters – they were so lovely. And, our wonderful caterers – ‘The three Queens’, and of course, our Benj, Mel, Mathias and Barry. All of the speeches were wonderful. Even Rex spoke wonderfully, oh and what do you know, he was the sober driver for his brother, Edward. I also noticed he was drinking beer, but, mostly cups of tea. “Wasn’t that lovely” – I bet he gave it hell when he got back to Ted’s in Rangiora.

The weather hasn’t been very nice but who cares, stay home it’s warmer.

I’m looking forward to going home to my own house for Christmas, as I have not been there since the Christchurch earthquakes, but whānau are getting it done pronto. I’m sure family are sick of me living out of a suitcase in their houses (no they’re not). So if you want to come and have Christmas with me, just come along it would be lovely. Otherwise, if you don’t come along, all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’ll have the bottle of brandy ready if you decide to call in and the wine.

So till next time, happy cheers everyone and lots of aroha. Luv you all, K.K.K.