Well whānau, we are one step closer to commencing the build of the new whare wānanga.

The building consent has been approved and Cadigan Construction Limited has laid the new foundation for the generator and gas bottles. With this in mind, the marae will not be available for hire until further notice.

Tūtehuarewa Marae is on the map. In late October-early November, we had signage erected just past the church as you come off the Purau-Port Levy hill.

The official signage. Photo supplied by Sharnecho Crofts.

The official signage. Photo supplied by Sharnecho Crofts.

Koukourārata distribution list

I recently sent an email to whānau for whom we have an email address so I can start a Koukourārata distribution list.

If there is anything of interest going on in the bay, I plan to use this form of communication (as well as Facebook), to let everyone know. If you would like me to add you to this list, please drop me a line at: Koukourā[email protected]


I would also like whānau to let me know if they have any goods news stories they would like to be added to the rūnaka magazine. Please email news and pictures to Koukourā[email protected]