Hi all. Don’t remind me that I am late for last month’s pānui. Never mind, here it is – as my cousin Charlie would say, “I told you she’s losing the plot.”

Condolences to all who have lost loved ones – aroha mai.

On August 19, we celebrated my daughter Ngawini’s birthday. Whānau from Tuahiwi and Waiheke Island flew over without her even knowing. Did she get a surprise? She was in a flood of tears when her son David-Mark walked in, and later there was a real thunderstorm, as no had one told her about anyone arriving. Fancy her daughters not letting her know (naughty naughty). I reckon that was lovely and we all had a wonderful time.
By the way, I think it was Ngawini’s 70th –I didn’t say that.

Our Joan and Clare and whānau have been to Rarotonga, lucky aye.

The Māori Netball Tournament Pitama Cup as it is known, was held over a weekend in September and what a weekend it was – apart from the cold weather. Everything went to plan and the whitebait patties were yummy – thank you Karin. Our banquet after the games, was also yummy – thank you Rangima. (Look below for the netball results).

Next year’s tournament will be hosted by Te Ahikaaroa Kaikōura. Love you all and until next time, cheers.