All I need do is put it out there

Can’t help where my hearts at, got to follow this through
I’ve asked the universe to see what they can do
I wish I knew for certain and I wish I knew a date
For certain things to align I guess I have to wait
I know the why, but the how I have no clue
Would be nice to think my call, was pushed to the front of the queue
Only when this manifests will this for me be real
My intentions are totally pure they know how I feel
Be careful what you ask for, I didn’t even think
Isn’t it different when it comes from the heart link
If in my wildest dreams this happened rather swift
Must be for my highest good to give my soul a lift
What stopping me now, there are a few things
I’m asking the universe to help pull a few strings
Forever grateful.
Nā Lesel Flutey.