Annual report

Members were recently sent the Whai Rawa 2015 Annual Report. Highlights for this year include an increase in members’ savings, now at almost $44 million. Reports from the Kaiwhakahaere, Tā Mark Solomon, the outgoing chair, Diana Crossan and the incoming chair, Kristen Kohere-Soutar are worth reading. There are also more whānau stories shared by members.

The 2015 annual report is now available to download on the Whai Rawa website at

It has been emailed to all households we have an email address for and posted to those for whom we don’t have an email address. We encourage you to discuss the report with whānau, especially tamariki and to review the highlights.

ANZ deposit card withdrawal

As you may recall, the ANZ deposit cards are being withdrawn at the end of this year.
We’ve found this to be a less popular Whai Rawa deposit method than an AP form or online banking. If you have no other way to save into Whai Rawa than ‘over the counter’ at ANZ, please call us on 0800 942 472 and we can arrange a personalised deposit book, encoded with your Whai Rawa account number. Those who already use the ANZ card regularly have already been issued the deposit book, while those who don’t are encouraged to use alternative saving methods.

Christchurch Roadshow

A series of roadshows were held over the past few months in Te Ika-a-Māui. Many thanks for those whānau who came to see us and joined Whai Rawa at Auckland, Wellington, Lower Hutt, Tauranga and Rotorua.

We’ll be at Hui-ā-Iwi (20-22 November) in Dunedin later this year and in October we’ll be having a weekend roadshow in Christchurch to help those who haven’t joined Whai Rawa complete the paperwork. We’ll email out to all non-members based in the Canterbury area to let you know times and dates. Alternatively, if you live in New Zealand and would prefer to join up online, have your NZ Drivers Licence handy and head to for a copy of the Whai Rawa Investment Statement and to complete the electronic online application form.

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