Members of Te Rūnanga o Makaawhio Inc are advised that our rūnanga hui-ā-tau (AGM) is to be held on Saturday October 24 at 9.45am with a mihi whakatau in our whare tīpuna, Kaipō, Te Tauraka Waka a Māui Marae, Maitahi (Bruce Bay).

The business of the meeting will start at 10am and will be in accordance with Section 7 of the Rules of Te Rūnanga o Makaawhio Society Inc (28/01/14).

The following rūnanganui (executive) positions are open for election at this year’s hui-ā-tau and nominations are now being sought for the:

  • Kaiwhakahaere tuarua – deputy chairperson
  • Kaipūtea treasurer
  • Mema executive ordinary members (2).

Nomination process
As per clause 24(d) of our rūnanga rules, nominations must be in writing, must use the proscribed form and include the proscribed information, and, must be signed by the person being nominated for the role as well as another (2) two members of the rūnanga as his/her nominator and seconder.

The nominee and two nominators must be registered members 18 years or older. Nomination forms must be received by the nominated deadline date. Additionally, nominees must attend the rūnanga AGM to be eligible to stand for the position for which they have been nominated.

To be eligible, nomination forms must be fully completed and in the hands of the tumuaki by 4pm on Tuesday 8 October.

Candidate profiles will be available from 9 October and will be emailed out to our whānau email group. Please contact the office if you wish to receive this information to check we have your correct email and/or contact details.

Voting process
Registered members of the rūnanga aged over 18 years who attend the AGM will be entitled to vote in the election which is run by secret ballot. Two (2) scrutineers will be appointed on the day of the election by majority vote of the rūnanga and will be responsible for running the election voting process.

Notification of membership closure
In preparation for this year’s AGM, Te Rūnanga o Makaawhio wish to notify that we will not accept or process new membership applications received between 5 – 26 October inclusive.  Any applications received during that period will be held for processing on 27 October.

The marae is booked for whānau to stay from Friday afternoon. Please bring kai to contribute and a koha for your marae stay. You will need to bring your blankets, toiletries and towels, clothes, games, guitars and your sense of humour. The rūnanga will provide lunch on the Saturday. Please note the Bruce Bay Sports Day will take place the next day for those whānau staying on at the marae.

Makaawhio AGM