On 4 July , the trip to the Puketeraki wearable arts was a fabulous trip for Maru our driver Georgiana and myself. Regrettably, Joan had to cancel at the last minute.

We arrived at Golden Fleece Hotel in time for a hot dinner. We went to the wharenui packed to the rafters and a runway the length of the hall decorated with cut flax flowers woven to hide the steps and give an atmosphere with a video in colour projected above of rain wind and fire.

David Ellison who is their upoko greeted us and Sue Ellison dressed in a tunic of Māori design over a black knit cat suit started the show as we seated ourselves in padded armchairs to my relief and joy.

On came Captain Cook with empty toilet rolls above his ears, curls as his wig, and sea creatures made of recycled materials – there were too many to mention. The Karitāne school children came on as seagulls with big yellow beaks and sheets torn up for wings.

To our delight we were represented by designer Aroha Rickus with ‘Hine Mata Koru,’ modelled by her beautiful and fair daughter Manakore Putiputi Rickus, honouring te pā harakeke reflecting the creative spirit. She was as fair as the harakeke flowing down her body with delicate green trailing streamers spiralling from her bun knotted on top of her head.

Elegantly moving with mere and stunning makeup, I gave her my vote but to our dissapointment, because she was absent from the judging the week before she did not place.

After a good night’s rest, Georgiana kicked off the day with strange noises in the plumbing when she flushed the toilet and bells going off making porridge. If you know Georgiana her reaction was funnier than the noises.

We bought a kai bag for the trip and we shared our breakfast and Georgiana made sandwiches before setting off for Moeraki for some sight-seeing. We saw the new roads and stopped at their marae but declined an invitation to stay for lunch. We continued and had a look at the boulder shop and restaurant. We arrived home safe and sound and very happy.