Ngā mate

To all our whānau, suffering the loss of loved ones at this time Awarua Rūnanga extends all our love and sympathy.

Rā whānau

Happy birthday to all of you celebrating birthdays this month.

Get well

Last month, when we were experiencing good old Jack Frost at our marae kitchen our cook, Sharon Malofie slipped at her back door and broke her arm. Unfortunately, Sharon is out of commission for about six weeks. Rest up and we will see you back at work when your arm is all better.

Pānui contributions

If members have an item of interest they wish to share with te whānau o Ngāi Tahu please contact Tina on 03 212 6029 or email [email protected]

Membership database

We are constantly updating our membership database and have found that many members’ children have had children of their own who require registering. If you are one of these people, we encourage you to contact us on the details above to request registration form/s.

We also encourage those members who have changed residential or email addresses to update their details by contacting us at the rūnanga.

NB: If your enquiries relate to registering with Ngāi Tahu please contact the Whakapapa Unit on 0800 524 8248.

Awarua Rūnanga.

Awarua Rūnanga.