20,000 members

Congratulations to all of our past and present members of Whai Rawa. Our 20,000th member, Jacob Brook (Te Rūnanga o Kaikōura), aged eight-years-old was recently signed into Whai Rawa by his Nana, Carol Gray. This is a massive milestone for members, staff and Te Rūnanga. Whai Rawa continues to move from strength to strength not just in membership size but also the size of members’ savings, which are now in excess of $42 million.

Easy-join online application

It’s now even easier to join Whai Rawa with the introduction of the easy-join online application form. Until recently, those looking to join have been required to provide a verified copy of both address and identification but with the new online form, those with a driver’s license can opt to have their identification and address verified using an electronic method.

If you haven’t joined yet, a copy of the investment statement and easy-join online application form are on the Whai Rawa website at: www.whairawa.com/join

AP form

If you are one to leave your savings until the last minute, why not try a new approach to qualifying for Matched Savings* this year?

On the front page of the Whai Rawa website you’ll find two AP forms at either $3.85 or $0.97 per week. These amounts represent the amount required to save over a year to qualify for the maximum $200* Matched Savings during the calendar year for adults ($3.85 per week) or child ($0.97 per week) members. Alternatively give us a call on 0800 942 472 and we’ll send one out to you.

* Te Rūnanga matched savings and distributions are available to all members under 65 years of age (see pages 11-12 of the investment statement) and are subject to RSCT (retirement scheme contribution tax) deducted at your personal RSCT rate (see page 18 of the investment statement.