Kia ora everybody, how are things going? I know for some whānau, things aren’t so good. My condolences to all whānau who have lost loved ones.

Congratulations to Daniel James (Tutu) and Emily on their engagement and also Michelle and Ray.

The marae is on the go again with hui every week, and of course I won’t mention it but yes that also – but that can’t be helped.

Has anyone had the flu? If you have it, keep it to yourself as there have been a few buggy people walking around.

Today (as I am writing) it is 12 May and I am already writing my piece for this issue of Te Pānui Rūnaka and then Tania comes and says, “Have it ready for June, Aunty,” so I am a month early but who cares. I bet my cousin Charles is saying, “I think she is losing the plot.” He better not let me hear what he is saying.

Double dipping again on Tuesday as we had a hui in the morning until 4pm, then we had to prepare for another hui at 5pm that evening for a 6pm dinner. I am going to buy myself a scooter so I can get around faster. What does that sound like cousin Charlie? Ok?

Wow, wasn’t there a lot of thunder and rain last month? The marae was all lit up with the blue lightning flashes. Then when the thunder came, the ole floor in the wharekai was doing the limbo, quietly shaking. My two moko (Wati brothers) came in and said, “Did you see the blue lightning?” I replied, “I sure did.”

Did anyone go and see Prince Harry? I didn’t but my cousin Charlie did but he never took Meri with him. What a shame, it would have been a lovely family photo.

Once again, whoever has our glassware, will they please bring them back. If you are whakamā just leave it on the table outside the office. (Someone must have them, because they haven’t got legs and can’t ride a scooter – please bring back our dishes). After this if there are hui at the marae no dishes, pots, cutlery or anything taken will be taken from here, so bring your own containers or throw the excess into rubbish bins. I know I am a bit of a wimp but what I would like is for all the owners who have whānau buried at Te Uruiti Urupā, to paint the iron framework or clean up the plot as it should look nice. If you have anything to say to me about this please come and see me I am always up at the marae.