Rūnaka elections

At the May rūnaka general meeting, it was agreed to hold the triennial elections for representatives to external organisations at the next hui on 30 August at Puketeraki Marae. The move, to separate these elections from the annual general meetings and triennial elections of the executive committee, will allow for more time to focus on the important work carried out by our representatives to external organisations and the responsibilities that are incumbent with those roles.

Current representatives will be approached shortly for their annual reports. All current representatives are asked to consider their availability for another term and rūnaka members are generally asked to consider what areas of representation they might like to be involved with.

A full list of committees and organisations will be circulated prior to the meeting.

Tame Parata Scholarships

The rūnaka has initiated its own scholarship, named to acknowledge the legacy left for us by the Hon. Tame Parata. This year there are two scholarships available to registered members each with a value of $1,000. To find out more about the scholarships and the closing date for applications visit www.puketeraki.co.nz and click on the ‘Learning’ tab.