Writings by Lesel Flutey

Mum – Whakaako koe i ahau, nā hiringa me ngākau nui, kāhore he mea e taea
The present spoke it simply said “It’s done”
The future nodded and replied “Here they all come”

There are those that respect the past and aren’t afraid to leap
History and culture will back you up for this runs very deep
We have very strong foundations, the gateway to our strength
The future knows this, for it’s on the same wave length

As generations learn it wasn’t only about the new
But all that came before to help to bring this through
While we give honour and respect to all that have gone
Then the wisdom of the present will help the past move on

To those that gave their precious time, morning, noon and night
Thank you for your vision by bringing the dream into the light
Simple was the little things of so many selfless deeds
And at the very heart of it, was to fulfil the peoples’

Dedication and commitment no matter how big or small
There is never a truer value for those that do for all
With right intentions and integrity, many wonders did spring
Thankful for the amazing inspiration of what this love did bring

To our dearly departed “Hall” you served your purpose well
I would love to read a book on the stories we all could tell

Dedicated to the many whānau.

Mahaanui Tuarua Marae.

Mahaanui Tuarua Marae.

News from K.K.K

Here we go again and this time I only have a little kōrero. My condolences go out to all who have lost whānau.

To start, lots of people have been asking me how long I’ve been involved with our marae, with the catering and what not – well it has been a very long time.

I was still going to school, (well Tāua Hutika thought I was) but it is a long story and I am still here at the new marae. I only do the wharekai tables and go into the kitchen where there are goodies to eat. But it is a long story and I have been there since the age of nine until now. One day I might write about it so watch this space – it will be very scary.

The days have been very busy at the marae and every week there is always two to three hui a day but it is good to be busy.

Also a very big thank you to the author of the piece in last months pānui for “Jumbo.” Luv you all, K.K.K.